Department Of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics (S.S) was established in the year 1989. In 1994 M. Sc. Mathematics wasintroducedandmany students have secured universityranks.FacultymembersareguidingM. Phil.,students and other college students also in their Internships and Projects. The Department takes active part in interdisciplinary courses offered by other departments and is committed to impart high quality education in Mathematics. The Department has strongly motivated faculty members with diverse specialization in Mathematical Sciences and thus providingapotentialforpursuingresearch.Ourfacultymembershaveahighsenseofpurposeand dedication towards working together, so as to ensure a potential of excellence in academics and research.

The Department has a vibrant and active Association ‘NUMERA’ and students are encouragedto participate in various activities of the Association. Students actively participate and exhibit their mathematicalmodelsandchartsinMathematicsExhibitionconductedalongwiththeAssociation. Our students are serving humanity through teaching in Schools, Colleges and Universities and are also rendering their service in reputedcompanies.

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