Department Of English

The Department of English was established in the year 1981. From teaching Foundation English course, the Department has grown into offering two full-fledged undergraduate programmes, namely

  • BA English
  • BA English Literature and Communication

Introduced in 1986, BA English programme aims to enable students to critically engage with diverse literatures in English across the world in social, cultural, political and historical contexts.


BA English Literature and Communication programme, (known as BA English and Communication Skills from the academic year 2005- 2006 to 2017- 2018) provides the students with a strong literature content and an equivalent content of communication - based courses. The programme trains students to.

  • Apply critical and theoretical approaches to the analysis of literary texts in various genres and traditions.
  • Synthesise language aesthetics and mechanics with various communication strategies for competency in professional and social discourses.

The pedagogic practices of the Department, besides imparting domain- knowledge and skills, seek to promote interpersonal skills and team spirit among students.

With a view to strengthening the language and communicative competencies of students across disciplines, the Department offers them the following value- added courses:

  • English for Competitive Examinations
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

The Department provides a platform for the myriad talents of the students of the College and from other institutions by organizing several literary competitions at inter - class, inter-departmental and inter-collegiate levels every year. The students of the Department of English bring out an annual in-house journal named ‘Scrambler”, which showcases the creative skills of the students across departments.

Ever inspired by our revered Founder’s vision, the faculty members of the Department of English are dedicated to moulding the students into confident, knowledgeable, skilled, career -ready, value – guided and socially conscious citizens contributing to the progress of our Nation and the wider humanity.

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