Department Of Business Economics

The Department of Economics, Self-Supporting started in the year 1991. The requirements of a highly complex financial, banking and industrial world in the new millennium led to the transformation of the course to Bachelors Programme in Business Economics in the year 2005. This course imparts economic principles clubbed with business analytical skills.

The underlying principle of B. A. Business Economics course is designed to equip students with the capability to understand and handle the dynamics of economics and business world. The specialisation in Business Economics is organized comprising of topics relating to economics, quantitative techniques and business.

The papers are designed to include more recent changes and developments in the concerned subjects. The core economics papers have been formulated, wherein a broad idea of microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and theories are introduced. The quantitative technique component of the course is designed to equip students with the essential tools for business and economic analysis. The course provides an exposure to the students in the areas of finance, marketing and organizational behaviour within which business operates. Thus, a fine balance has been maintained between economic theory and business component. The programme intends to develop theoretical and analytical skills of the students so that they may be absorbed in the corporate world or be able to pursue higher studies at the masters’ level in Business Economics and Economics.

Summer internship is also strength for the department as the students get a feel of the corporate world. Students pursue internships in companies during the summer and this has been found to be the most enriching experience for them as they get to see the real corporate world and they also learn a lot by working with senior people who train them during the entire period. They get to work on live projects and are able to learn a lot by practical experience. They become more focused and as a result of which they work with a more professional approach.

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