Department Of M.A Journalism And Communication

The Department of Journalism and Communication was incepted in the year 2014. The department aims to give rise to new ideas and provides a forum for the creativity of the future journalists.

The Department offers a PG course in M.A. Journalism and Communication to keep pace with the evolving trends in Journalism and Communication as a coveted discipline at post graduate level. The course would facilitate students to explore the various avenues of research in the vast field of communication and empower them to fit into jobs available in media.

The core subjects include Print Journalism, Photo Journalism, Television Journalism Radio Journalism, Environmental Journalism, Communication Research Methods, Public Relations, Film studies and Projects. In addition to this, students will do two Internships in Print media and Electronic media.

Department organises various workshops, seminars, presentations and field trips to various media houses on a regular basis to educate and inspire the students to bring forth their innovations. Furthermore, students are encouraged to be a part of the media clubs and various other events conducted by the department and the college.

Students are given opportunities to explore the world of media by being a part of internship programmes offered by News networks, Television channels, publishing hubs and radio stations where depending upon the student’s interest, they are offered different career choices.

Apart from this, students are hired to work as journalists by the placement sector where reputed companies like Sun Network, WE magazine, ETV, The Hindu etc hunt for new faces.

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