research policy


The Research Policy aims to foster ambient research environment, motivate faculty and students to undertake basic, applied, interdisciplinary research in physical sciences, arts and social sciences of societal relevance leading to quality publications, encourage presentations of research outcomes in reputed National / International Conferences, promote transfer of ideas/ technology and claim Intellectual Property rights with impetus for commercialization.


The research policy of the College aims to provide guidelines for research activities with following objectives

  • To promote quality research at the Post graduate levels, and higher research programmes with innovation and creativity in the institution.
  • To ensure due importance to original / novel ideas embedded with integrity and ethics in research.
  • To encourage the design of the scientific research outputs into simple working models relevant to society in terms of cost and environment.
  • To nurture relevant research in the areas of social and economic issues that affect women in particular.
  • To promote research consultancy and collaborations with National and International research institutions and industries.

promotion of research

  • By creating a conducive environment to foster research culture in the college with the provision of infrastructure, laboratory, data computing and processing tools.
  • By the creation of an exclusive research centre called ECRIC (Ethiraj College Research, Innovation and Creativity Centre)that will provide a forum, space, facility and funding (to an extent of 25 lacs p.a) and other required resources for nurturing research.
  • By encouraging publications in quality journals recognized by the UGC and indexed in Scopus / Web of Science and / or with a good Impact Factor.

Allocation of Funds for the promotion of quality research in the institution

  1. Funds for the best research projects carried out by the faculty
    • Minor Research Project (1 lac – 2 lacs)
    • Major Research Project (2 lacs – 5 lacs)
    • Collaborative Research Project
      1. Industry Collaboration
      2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  2. Funds for workshops, national and international conferences and quality publications
  3. Funds for technology transfer, Intellectual Property Rights / Filing of Patents.
  4. Recognition for outstanding research by Aided and Self-Supporting faculty members to be given separately for faculty belonging to the three disciplines of Humanities, Science and Arts (six awards per annum).
  5. Recognition for outstanding research Department belonging to Aided and Self-Supporting streams (two awards per annum)
  6. ECRIC fellow ships to be awarded to full time Ph.D scholars who are in there second year of their Ph.D tenure.