guidelines for providing grants to faculty for minor research project


The ECRIC strives to promote teaching and research in Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Literature, Life Science and Pure Science.


To provide financial support to departmental/individual research in specialized areas to faculty members.

eligibility/target group:

  • The ECRIC will provide financial support to permanent teachers of Aided and Self-Supporting stream of the college.
  • A working teacher can avail of only one project/ scheme of ECRIC at any given time.The next project can be accepted only after the completion of the sanctioned one.
  • The Principal Investigator should publish two papers in a reputed journal in the form of the books/article/presentation in seminar etc. From the said project completed.
  • The age of the Faculty member must be not more than 55 years as on 30th May of the year of application.
  • The teaching faculty of Library Science, Physical Education will also be eligible to participate in the scheme.

nature of assistance:

The maximum assistance for one research project will be from Rs. 1 lakh toRs. 2 lakhs. The ECRIC Minor grant will provide financial support for items like Equipment, Books and Journals, Hiring, Services, Contingency, Chemicals and Consumables, Travel and Field work.

(a) Hiring Services

This is meant for specialized technical work, such as sample analysis, for which the College either has no infrastructure or such services are available on payment basis.

(b) Contingency

The admissible contingency grant may be utilized on spares for apparatus, photo-stat copies and microfilms, typing, stationery, postage, telephone calls, internet, fax, computation and printing needed for the project. Expenditure towards the audit fee may also be claimed under contingency head.

(c)Special Needs

Assistance may be provided for any other special requirement in connection with the project which is not covered under any other ‘Head’ of assistance under the scheme.

(d) Chemicals and Consumables

To meet expenditure on chemicals, glassware and other consumable items.

(e) Books and Journals

Books and Journals purchased must be returned to the Department Library after the completion of the project.

(f) Equipment

Equipment purchased must be returned to the Department Library after the completion of the project. A maximum of 20% of the grant can be used for Equipment.

(g) Travel and Field Work

The amount allocated under the head travel/field work is to be utilized for data collection and collection of other information such as documents and visit to libraries within the general scope and sphere of the ongoing project. This should not be used for attending conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses etc.

(h) Re-Appropriation

The Principal Investigator may re-appropriate maximum 20 per cent of the grant allocated under each held with the permission of Principal by intimating to the ECRIC with justifications.

4. Tenure and Implementation

1 ½ years with 6 months extension

The effective date of implementation of the project will be mentioned in approval-cum-sanction letter.

5. procedure for applying

All eligible teachers in colleges may submit their Minor Research Proposal applications by 31stMay every year in the prescribed proforma to the concerned Dean of Research, Ethiraj College for Women.

6. Procedure For Approval

The received proposals duly forwarded by the Principal will be assessed with the help of a subject expert committee. The final decision will be taken on the basis of recommendations made by the Committee and the availability of funds under the scheme.

7. procedure for release of grants

The first installment of the grant shall comprise of 50% of the total Recurring grant approved by the committee for the total duration of the project. The grant will be released to the Principal of the College

On receipt of Annual Progress Report, Statement of Expenditure and Utilization certificate of 1st installment of grant, 40% of the total recurring grant will be released as second installment. Remaining 10% will be released on receipt of the following completion documents as final reimbursement:

  • A Copy of the final report of project along with soft copy.
  • A consolidated item wise detailed Statement of expenditure incurred during the complete project period in the prescribed proforma duly signed and sealed by the Principal and the Principal Investigator
  • A consolidated Utilization Certificate for the amount actually utilized towards the project duly signed and sealed by the college Auditor, Principal as well as the Principal Investigator in the prescribed proforma.
  • The un utilized grant if any, may be refunded immediately through demand draft drawn in favor of The Principal, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai.

2)The Principal Investigator is expected to settle the accounts immediately on completion of the project.

8. general

a) After finalization of the selection procedure of the Minor Research projects.The Principal and the Dean of Research and to the Ecric Committee members will send the approval/sanction letter to the selected principle investigators,who will send their acceptance letter to the Principal/Ecric Committee Member.

b) Project is not transferable in any case.

If a Principal Investigator fails to complete the project, she has to refund the entire amount released with interest.