Ethiraj College Parent Teacher Association

Ethiraj College Parent Teacher Association (ECPTA) is formed with the objective to promote greater cooperation and rapport among Parents, Teachers and the Management for the all round development of the students of the college. It was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 17th July 2000.

Parent Teacher Association is a powerful tool used to bring together parents and teachers to work collectively in the endeavor of empowering students to become responsible future citizens of the country.

Moulding the personality of a young adult is a shared responsibility for which the support and cooperation of parents and teachers is very essential.

Purpose of PTA

To promote the welfare of the students so that necessary skills like technical and soft skills of communication, moral values and ethics are imparted to them. Provide an environment where all necessary amenities are available so that the students are happy to learn and grow.

Membership and Registration of Parent to ECPTA

Every year at the time of Admission of students, the parent on payment of a nominal fee enrolls as a member and registers as part of the ECPTA. The Parent is a member of the ECPTA till his ward completes her graduation program ie.. for 3 years . All necessary information about the ward and the parent is collected.

Core Committee

The Executive Committee of the ECPTA constitutes the core committee of the ECPTA. It consists of President, Vice President (Management & Parent), Secretary, Joint Secretary (Faculty & Parent) and Treasurer.

Members of Core Committee

The President of ECPTA is the Chairperson of Ethiraj College Trust, 2 members from the Ethiraj College Trust and a Parent are Vice Presidents of the ECPTA. The Secretary of the Ethiraj College Trust is the Principal of Ethiraj College for Women. 2 Joint Secretaries one Faculty & a Parent and one Faculty from the college is appointed as Treasurer of ECPTA called the Executive committee members.


The members of the Executive Committee meet three times in a year to discuss matters relating to approval of accounts intimating about the retirement of faculty and completion of tenure of parents & nomination of new members in their place into the committee. A General Body meeting of all members is held every year.

The President informs the Parents about the progress of the college and addresses the issues put forth by them.


An awareness on energy conservation and its management was organized when Mr. Anil Kumar Kurapati, from Petroleum Conservation Research Association, an entity coming under Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas GOI and Executive Committee Member, ECPTA, delivered a lecture on Energy Conservation and its Management on 23rd Jan 2020.

Mr. Anil Kumar Kurapati’s speech helped the students to realise the importance of saving the available energy resources for the future. He suggested a few measures to implement Energy conservation in the College viz: Energy Auditing, maintaining the temperature of AC at 24˚C which will reduce the total electricity bill by 10%, usage of LED lights and fixation of solar panels in the college.