our vision

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to usher in an egalitarian society.

To become a globally recognised Women's University.

our mission

To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.



The College will abide by all the regulations of the UGC which are enforced from time to time.

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Located in sylvan surroundings, the three block hostel facility is a home away from home for many students. The hostel facility of the college was started in 1948, by our beloved founder, Shri. V.L. Ethiraj. In those years, when women’s education itself was rare, our founder went the extra mile and thought about the security of the women who take to higher education. So he benevolently gave away his house that was situated within the campus premises to be converted to a hostel.

Started for 169 students and teachers, the hostel facility of Ethiraj College has now been enhanced to include two individual blocks (one PG block and two UG blocks) situated with in the college premises and can accommodate around 500 Indian and Foreign Nationals and NRI’s.

In addition to this, the hostels have a gym, reading and recreation rooms, spacious dining halls, and telecommunication facilities. The hostels also house a full time doctor and many corporate hospitals are available in the vicinity for emergency situations.

WARDEN:Dr. Mrs. A. Nirmala M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D,PGDHE, Principal

DEPUTY WARDEN:Ms. Priya , Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology