Students' Union

Ethiraj Students' Union is an association that works for the welfare of students' community of Ethiraj college for women. Every student on the college roll is a member of the college union. The heads of the college students' union are selected through the process of elections. A total of 8 posts are available in the students' union.

Following are the posts held by

  • President - Swetha.S
  • Vice president - Shalini.R
  • Joint vice President - Shravani.S
  • Joint general secretary - Vidya Bharathi.G
  • Joint general secretary - Subhiksha.A
  • Treasurer - Kirubanithi.B
  • Joint Treasurer - Varsha Vasudevan

In the students union 3 posts are held by aided stream students ( President, Vice President and Treasurer) and 4 posts are held by self supporting stream students (Joint Vice President, Joint General secretaries and Joint Treasurer) amongst which the post of General secretary is vacant. The members of the students Union are elected through a democratic method of voting. The union co-ordinates and the participation of students in extracurricular activities. It organizes and conducts co-curricular and cultural events at inter-departmental and national level and co-ordinates the participation of the students in the competitions held by other institutions at district,state and national level.