Holistic Well-being League

The Holistic Well-Being League was formed to promote awareness on holistic wellness through physical, mental and spiritual well being. A talk was delivered by Dr. Waahab and Dr.Nargis on “Drugless treatment by acupuncture”, to give an insight about Acupuncture for relieving pains and general alignments .The doctors gave live demos on how acupuncture works by doing the procedure on few students .This encouraged the students to learn more about acupuncture and contributed two books written by him to the college library.

The second event took place in the month of October which was a lecture session given by Dr.Sai Vishnupriya an endocrine surgeon in Apollo hospital who spoke about hormonal imbalance in teenagers.

On 19th February 2020 an outreach programme was conducted in collaboration with the PG Department of Microbiology. The programme was held at Nimelachery village for the primary class students in a view of spreading awareness about common microbial infections and sanitation process.

The League also initiated the importance of hygiene routines to be followed to combat the outbreak of COVID- 19 outbreak by charts. Illustrations representing the pathogenicity of Corona Virus and the prevention methods were also depicted for better.