Department Of French

The Department of French was started in 1959 on a part-time basis in order to provide students with the basic knowledge of a foreign language.

It became full time in 1968 to keep in pace with the growing demand for French as a second language.

At first, emphasis was given to developing written skills of the students and then with the onset of autonomy in 1999, the Department started focusing on complete language skills - both oral and written. Today, it has a strength of nearly 250 students under the guidance of 2 staff members.

Since 2008-09, the Department opened its doors to teach the Fundamentals of French under Part IV for second language Tamil students.

Between 2011-12 and 2015 - 2016, French for DELF was offered as a skill based course for 2nd UG students. The Department also collaborates with MCA and other PG departments offering French as a soft skill.

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