Department Of Economics

In 1948, an institution purely for the purpose of women’s education was established by SHRI. V.L. ETHIRAJ, a renowned barrister and philanthropist. From that year onwards, the Department of Economics has been imparting knowledge to its women students. The Department was the first among the affiliated colleges of the University of Madras to be upgraded as a research Department. This facilitated the college and Department in particular to carve a special niche amongst the research institutions in India. The Department has the distinction of being the first and only college in the University of Madras to specialize in Health Economics in the M. Phil. Course from 1977 and Development Economics at the Doctoral level from the year 1982. The Department is proud to have produced, so far, 220 M.Phil. and 33 Ph.D. scholars.

The Department started with the strength of 24 students in 1948. Presently it has two P.G. streams, General Economics and Business Economics with a sanctioned strength of 40 students each. The Department at the undergraduate level has 3 batches with 700 students. The growth of the Department from 24 students from its commencement to a stunning 700 over the past 70 years has been possible with the vision, relentless effort and benevolent guidance of the Heads of the Department and an equally dedicated team of staff members who nurtured it. We have a committed team of 20 faculty members in the aided stream and 8 in the self-supporting stream. The quality of the academic framework is constantly revised with the help of expert opinions of the members of the Board of Studies and the faculty.

The Self-Supporting stream was started in the year 1991. A comprehensive knowledge on Economics is necessary for every successful business model. This led to the development of a new paradigm of study – Business Economics, a course introduced by the Self-Supporting Department in the year 2005. The curriculum of this course has been framed keeping in mind the prerequisites of a highly complex financial, banking and industrial world in the new millennium.

The Department is well known for its academic and research activities with several publications by the faculty members. The Annual Publication of the reputed research journal, ‘INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMICS’ has earned the Department appreciation and acclaim from scholars worldwide.

The Post Graduate and Research Department of Economics and Department of Business Economics conducted the first International Conference on Development Economics on 16th and 17th February 2017. This was considered as a milestone for the Department.

‘ETHIECON’ is an annual publication of the Department, which provides a platform for the students to unleash their talents, showcase their writing skills and passion towards economics. The Department has been organizing National Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures, Debates and Quizzes on the current and emerging Economic and Financial issues to help the students to establish a phenomenal career and make them competent enough for the corporate world.

‘ECOLADES’ is the Annual Academic event of the Department. It is designed meticulously year after year with innovative ideas to provide a portal for the students to interact with their peers from various city colleges and an opportunity to explore their potential.

On the whole, the Departments of Economics and Business Economics attempt to offer an inexorable curriculum added with knowledge driven activities for both academic and professional excellence of the students. Education is inculcated using both conventional and contemporary teaching methods to prepare the students for an optimistic and aspiring future!

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