our vision

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to usher in an egalitarian society.

To become a globally recognised Women's University.

our mission

To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.

January 2019
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Year of Inception : 1994

The Department offers Courses:

UG: B.Com., Bank Management

PG: M.Com., Banking and Insurance Management

Certificate Course : Preparation for Bank Competitive Examination

The Department has entered into an MoU with ICICI Bank

Minor Project on ‘Emotional Intelligence amongst College Teachers (A study with respect to select colleges in Chennai)’ funded by Management has been done by Dr.Mrs.T.Ushapriya and Dr.Mrs.M.Jeyanthi (2013-2014)


Name and qualificationTmt. T. Usha Priya, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D

Designation: Head of the Department & Senior Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG:23 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Banking

Name and qualification:Tmt. M.Jeyanthi, M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., M.Ed. Ph.D., NET

Designation:Senior Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG:21 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Cost and Management Accounting

Name and qualification:Tmt. V.Jayanthi, M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D,

Designation:Senior Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG:20 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Foreign Exchange

Name and qualification:Tmt. N. Nandhini, M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D, SLET


Years of Exp:UG:18 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Financial Services

Name and qualification:Tmt. N. Renukadevi, M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D, SLET


Years of Exp:UG:18 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Entrepreneurial Development, Human Resource Management

Name and qualification:Tmt. E. Ajitha, M.A., M.L., PhD., NET


Years of Exp:UG:14 years PG: 3 years

Area of expertise:Area of Specialization: Business Law

Name and qualification:Tmt. R.Jayasri, M.Com., M.Phil. Ph.D, NET

Designation:Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG:11 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Credit Management

Name and qualification: Tmt. A.J. Jemima Malathy, M.C.S., M.Phil., ICWAI(Inter), SLET

Designation:Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG:16 years PG: 3years

Area of expertise:Income Tax

Name and qualification:Selvi. S.Revathy, M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., M.A.(Women Studies), NET & JRF


Designation:Assistant Professor

Name and qualification:Tmt. Veena Murali, M.Com., NET

Designation:Assistant Professor

Name and qualification:Selvi. R. Anupama M.Com., M.Phil., NET, SET

Designation:Assistant Professor

Area of expertise:Financial Accounting

Name and qualification:Tmt.S.Pravina M.Com.,M.Phil.

Designation:Assistant Professor

Area of expertise:Company Law

Name and qualification:Selvi. G.Poojitha, M.Com.,NET

Designation:Assistant Professor

Area of expertise:Banking