our vision

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to usher in an egalitarian society.

To become a globally recognised Women's University.

our mission

To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.

July 2018
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 The departments of English and Psychology in collaboration with Prakriti Foundation and PCVC organised a workshop on 'Healthy relationships and Communication' on 7th August 2017. Ms. Naomi Ackerman founder and director of the Advot project, a project that adopts theatre to facilitate social change, conducted the workshop.  77 participants form the department of English and Psychology participated in two sessions of 120 minutes each.  The workshop used theatre techniques and role-playing activities to help the participants open up, to be expressive and imbibe qualities that are essential for healthy relationships. Participants were sensitised about the role of communication through various activities, which included dancing, singing and acting.  Ms. Naomi stressed upon the need for women to voice their own feelings and opinions and never to feel dejected in a patriarchal society. The participants shared that this workshop gave them an opportunity to analyse themselves better, and provided a space to talk about their views and opinions. A participant expressed, “the workshop was a beautiful balance between fun and learning and wehave beyond doubt learnt a lot from the workshop.”