our vision

To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.

our mission

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to user in an egalitarian society. To become a globally recognised Women's University.

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Controller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations: Tmt. R.Hemalatha

Addl.Controller of examinations: Tmt. T.Usha Priya

The office of the Controller of Examinations was established after the college was conferred its autonomous status in 1999. Since then, continuous and comprehensive evaluation was introduced. The grading system was introduced when the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) curriculum was implemented by the Tamilnadu State Council of Higher Education (TANSCHE) from the academic year 2008-09.

The functioning of this office is computerized which helps in the conduct of examinations and in the evaluation process. The automation of the workflow from nominal roll creation, entry and submission of various components of continuous assessment marks, attendance, payment of online examination fees, its reconciliation and timely publication of results are the hallmarks of this office. From the academic year 2014-2015, Code-in-Cert, a security feature in the mark sheets, course completion certificates & consolidated mark sheets is provided to the students. The office is sensitive to the just demands of the students and their welfare is a top priority. This office is currently headed by Tmt. R. Hemalatha (Controller of Examinations), assisted by Dr. Usha Priya (Additional Controller) as well as a committed team of 11 technical and clerical staff.