our vision

To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.

our mission

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to user in an egalitarian society. To become a globally recognised Women's University.

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Ethnic day Report - Dec'17

Students’ Union 2017-18 hosted Ethnic Day on 23rd November, 2017 which focused on celebrating different cultures, regions and languages, to showcase the tradition of every student of our college.The gathering was to celebrate the Indian way of life as a whole. It was an endeavour to bring about a simple expression of unity in diversity that holds together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles and tradition to reflect the ethnicity of our country. The students made the day more colourful by wearing traditional attire. Various cultural programmes were organised and active participation was extended by the college teams. The response from the students was overwhelming .This was followed by an interactive session with the Principal which aimed at the significance of ethnicity and the richness of Indian Culture.