our vision

To achieve economic and social equity for women and through them strengthen the Nation to usher in an egalitarian society.

To become a globally recognised Women's University.

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To sensitize young women to their rights and place in society through advancement and application of relevant knowledge.



The College will abide by all the regulations of the UGC which are enforced from time to time.

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi

Knowledge of health & wellness has become the cornerstone to build a healthy youthful nation. In keeping with this dictum, the year 1985 witnessed the inception of the Department of Nutrition, Food Service Management & Dietetics with a 3-year undergraduate program in Nutrition. The department has since then crossed numerous milestones & celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 2010.

The decade of 2000-2010 witnessed a landmark development of the Department with the introduction of M.Sc., Foods and Nutrition in the year 2003, B.Sc., Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics in the year 2005 and M.Phil., Food and Nutrition in the year 2009 under the self supporting stream.

This course aims to develop the skills and core competencies relating to Nutrition and its application in the health care and hospitality sectors. The curriculum is designed, not only to enhance the student’s employability/career opportunities but also to transform the young minds to citizens with a strong social responsibility. To cater to the changing trends, internships and extension activities as part of outreach programs have been incorporated into the curriculum.

The course offers full-fledged career opportunities in health sector as academicians, research scientists, dietitians, food scientists, health and wellness industry and entrepreneurship. We are proud to announce the presence of our student diaspora in several well placed positions in the arena of health and wellness both in India as well as Overseas.

The Department has under its ambit a crèche which caters to the needs of staff and students’ children. A MOU was signed with the Centre for Indian Knowledge System, Chennai in June 2013 to foster and instill a scientific temper in research activities among the staff and students.

With great pride we cherish the nostalgia of the 33 years we have journeyed. We hope to take the department to even greater heights and achieve the pinnacle of success in the forthcoming years in our voyage towards academic excellence.

Physical well-being & Diet have been twinning very well in a health conscious society. The media and the health care centres have been propagating the need to care for one’s well-being. With the life time expectancy index soaring high and the killer diseases index alarming, awareness creating courses like Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service Management have been doing the balancing act adequately. Since its inception the department has served the society by turning out committed dieticians who are placed all around the world in authentic health care centres. The department has always been attracting excellent talents and has in turn sharpened their natural intelligence.

The newly introduced course Clinical Nutrition under the self-finance scheme in the evening stream though is a little new to the environment, is sure to turn many heads towards it. The tie-up that the department has with the various hospitals has helped it to place its students in covetable jobs. The Masters programme in the discipline with an attractive aspect like child care is sure to take care of the nation’s healthy future.


Name:   Dr.P. Muthu meenakshi, M.Sc ., Ph.D (UGC-NET )

Designation:Assistant Professor and HEAD

Years of Exp: UG- 13 years PG- 14 years

Area of expertise: Sports Nutrition.

Name:   Mrs. Bavani Pazhani, M.Sc., M.Phil.

Designation:Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG- 15 , PG- 14 years

Area of expertise: Food & Nutrition

Name:  Mrs. Stella Sherry, M.Sc., M.Phil., UGC-NET, SLET, Ph.D.

Designation:Assistant Professor

Years of Exp:UG- 13 years, PG- 13 years

Area of expertise: Food & Nutrition